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Because the only thing better than a cold brew is an OPEN cold brew.

– Lou Baron, Lead singer of Lou Baron & The New Lovers

Introducing the BITE Slim-Shark with patent pending BITE-Force™ opening power!

The ability to keep your favorite slim can beverage cold for hours, lift can tabs without breaking a nail, pop bottle tops and handle stubborn twist-offs makes the BITE Slim Shark the most capable can cooler on the planet! 

Drag this!

Drag this!

Drag this!


Get ready to answer a lot of questions. When people see a BITE Slim-Shark 12oz can cooler with BITE-Force tech for the first time they tend to lose their minds. "Whoa!" is usually their first reaction. Then the questions begin. Fortunately you don't have to say a word. Just politely take the drink out of their hands, give it a LTP -Lift, Twist, Pop- and watch their jaws drop. Then do us a favor and send them to 


 tab-lift slot 

bottle opener

twist off teeth

Shark Preservation

Holds Slim Can Drinks

Keeps your favorite slim can beverage cold for hours! #drinkcooler with bite!

Packed with patent pending BITE-Force™ technology the Slim-Shark has 3 opening tools integrated into its base. You'll never be forced to search for an opener or mess up a manicure again.

Now you can lift, twist and pop your way to good times.