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  BITE Begins

BITE is in business because my wife Gina has great nails. No kidding. She does her own manicures. She experiments with new paint technologies, application systems and colors all the time. People are always remarking on how pretty her nails are. So how did a manicure lead to a cooler company? The answer is simple. Manicures and aluminum can tabs don't mix well. Whenever Gina and I have a drink, she hands the can to me to open. A lot women and even some men can relate, no one wants to chip or break a nail on a metal tab.

One day during the summer of COVID we were sitting on our deck and imbibing a bit. Gina looked at her tab monkey (me) and said "do you mind?" Of course I didn't mind. But in that moment, we both seemed to have the same idea - someone should make one of those vacuum sealed stainless steel drink coolers with a tool that would lift the tab for you. And in that moment I blurted that "someone" should be US!

So we started researching, brainstorming and designing. Early on we asked ourselves, why stop at lifting tabs? This cooler should do it all. It should open cans AND bottles. And not just pop offs. It should also open twist off bottles! We were just a married couple with three kids living in Indiana, but we were dreaming big and determined to make it happen.

As the designs started to come together, it was clear that the bottle openers would have to sit on top of each other, rather than side by side. That's when my drawings started to take on the likeness of a shark's mouth. It was a lightbulb kind of moment because it solved a problem, AND it gave inspiration for the name - BITE! We were making something new by modeling our product on nature's most fierce, efficient and perfect predator. It was all coming together. 

But as the idea was forming, the bills were piling up. We wanted to put our BITE-Force technology on every type of cooler in the world, but due to budget constraints we had to choose one style of cooler to start, with the plan of expanding later. That's why BITE is currently a slim-can cooler. But with your purchase and help we're going to expand the product line as soon as possible.

From the beginning we made the commitment that this company would help protect our planet and environment. And that was another benefit of naming the company BITE Coolers. It gave us focus. A portion of the profits from BITE will be donated to the Coral Reef Alliance. You can learn more about their mission at

Thank you so much for your purchase and your support. When you buy a BITE cooler you're helping us build a better company, expand our product line and your protecting sharks through reef preservation charities. 

It has been a long journey to this point, but a wonderful experience. And it has led us to meet and collaborate with some incredibly talented people all over the United States and beyond. The product you're looking at has been touched in some way by dozens people - designers, artists manufacturers, patent attorneys - in Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, New York, Minnesota, Florida, California, London, Bulgaria and China. A dream that started on our deck has made its way all around the world. And now, we hope, it will make it into your hands and continue its mission to keep your drinks cold for hours and let you Lift, Pop & Twist your way to Good Times.